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Blog > January 2024 > Learn the Lingo

Learn the Lingo

Here’s your guide to some key terms you’ll encounter during your sessions: 

Your Myzone belt uses heart rate technology to keep track of your workout and help you work at the right level for your abilities in each and every Coaching Zone session.
MEPs (Myzone Effort Points)
Earn Myzone effort points in the MEPs Challenge, a core part of the Coaching Zone 6 Week Challenge. Track your progress on the Myzone app and contribute to your team’s average. 

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
Push yourself to complete as many rounds as possible within the designated timeframe, testing your endurance and determination. 

Take on the challenge of completing two sets of exercises back to back with minimal rest between, intensifying your workout. 

Giant Set
Elevate your routine with a larger-than-life superset involving three or more exercises with minimal rest between each, pushing your limits further. 

Execute a series of exercises back to back with a single piece of equipment, without putting it down between moves, for a dynamic and efficient workout. 

1RM (1 Rep Max)
​Gauge your strength by completing one repetition at the heaviest weight you can safely lift, a true test of your physical strength. 

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)
Embrace the challenge of completing a set number of reps within each minute, racing against the clock to maximize your remaining rest time. 

Experience the power of the Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner available in many of our Coaching Zones. A 60-second body scan provides data to help you track your progress.