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Blog > January 2024 > How to: Charge up your first 6 Week Challenge

How to: Charge up your first 6 Week Challenge

The countdown to our next 6 Week Challenge is officially on, which means it's the perfect time to set yourself up for success. In this blog, we've compiled a list of the top six ways to get the best out of the zone and crush your goals.

1. Sign up for greatness

Committing to the challenge is important but doing the groundwork is equally as critical. We recommend getting your registration out of the way first so that you can commit to the challenge without hesitation. Along with learning more about our specialised MyZone® heart rate tracker, which will be with (and on) you every step of the way. Haven't signed up for our next 6 Week Challenge? Register here.

2. Prepare your body

Now that you've signed up for success, it's the perfect time to prepare your body to follow suit. This step doesn't have to be anything drastic, but it's all about thinking about the way you're treating your body. Instead of potato chips after dinner, opt for nuts. Swap your daily soft drink break for mineral water or go for a walk instead of mindlessly scrolling Instagram after work. Starting small is a great way to begin preparing for the challenge ahead. 

3. Warm up your mind

When it comes to fitness, sometimes the hardest hurdle is starting, and once you do — nothing will get in your way. All of our Coaching Zone sessions start with ten a minute coach-led warm-up to prepare the body and minimise injury, so that's your body's power-up sorted. But we highly recommend dedicating some time to warming up your mind by again — starting small. Break down the challenge into eighteen bite-size sessions and imagine the relief you'll experience once you complete them. The feeling will be unbeatable, except when you do, and then you'll be hooked.

4. Dress for success

One of our favourite sayings is, "When you look good, you feel good." But did you know this saying has some scientific backing? A recent study found that dopamine dressing can impact a person's psychological processes. So, whether dressing for success means wearing a well-worn t-shirt or an all-black fit. The look and feel of your outfit can have a huge influence on your mood, which may directly impact your performance.

Challenge: Picture your idea of the perfect outfit and ask yourself — Do you feel good in it? What colour is it? How does it feel on your skin? If the thought of it is already contributing to your idea of a good workout sesh, you know what to do.

5. Spread the word

The fact you're joining our 6 Week Challenge is pretty exciting stuff, so don't forget to check in with your friends and let them know the good news. Telling them won't only deliver you instant gratification, but it'll also keep you on track. Better yet, we highly recommend inviting your friends to join the fun and take the challenge to the next level.

Pit stop: Share this link with your bestie and don't forget to tell them you'll be doing it too.

6. Map it out

Now that you're almost charged up for your challenge, the last thing to do is finalise your goals. Plan what you want to achieve during the challenge and remember it can be anything. Hitting a personal best? Losing a couple of kilograms of body fat? Meeting new friends? Writing down your goals is a great way to start achieving them. Another simple way to ensure you attend 18 sessions is to pop them in your calendar. That way, you can review them at a glance and ensure you're on track to go in the draw to win.

Once you've completed our list, we have no doubt you'll be feeling charged up and ready to kick our next 6 Week Challenge out of the park.

Ready to show Step 1 who’s boss? Sign up here.