Fitter. Healthier. Happier. In the last 6 week challenge we achieved

Want to live your best, most confident summer?

Join the 6-week Challenge and receive:

  • Unlimited group personal training
  • Access to an exclusive NEW workout, designed by Commando Steve
  • Access to a nutrition portal with 100s of healthy recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and more
  • A goal setting consultation to define your goals and how Coaching Zone can help you reach them
  • A MyZone Heart Rate Belt to help you track your performance 
  • Weekly health and fitness tips and advice, delivered directly to your inbox
  • Unlimited motivation, coaching and support
  • Chance to win one $5,000 summer dream holiday, or 1 of 4 $1,000 cash prizes to design your best summer yet.
What are you waiting for? Become fitter, healthier and happier now, and rock summer with confidence and a smile.

Terms and Conditions: *$49 Registration and MyZone Heart Rate Belt apply to new Coaching Zone members only. Participants will then incur a weekly membership cost of $49.95 (Five Dock, NSW $55). The $5,000 dream holiday and 4 x $1,000 cash prizes are drawn at random at the end of the 6-week Challenge. To be eligible, participants must attend a minimum of three Coaching Zone sessions per week. See full T&Cs here. LTPS/19/38544

Please note: Individual results may vary from person to person. 


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What Our Members Have To Say!

Fiona was over being tired and wanted to lose weight and gain strength. The 6-week Challenge helped her commit to her dream of change and lose 6.5kg.

Fiona - VIC - Ringwood

Erin had a goal: to fit into a pair of skinny leg jeans. The 6-week Challenge gave her the routine she needed to help make this happen. She lost 5.6kgs, feels great in the way she looks and best of all, has more energy to give her kids her all.

Erin - VIC - Maidstone

Laura wanted to stay accountable to her training. Through being committed to attending three or more sessions a week Laura was able to lose 12kg and gain more energy and confidence in the process.

Laura - VIC - Ringwood

Single mum of four, Chrissy signed up for the 6-week Challenge to make herself accountable. Her biggest achievement? Lifting 20kg dumbbells!

Chrissy - VIC - Maidstone

Mary had suffered a knee injury and was wanting to get back into a healthy routine. The support given by our expert coaches not only helped in improving her mobility, it also helped her in regaining confidence.

Mary - VIC - Ringwood

Kira wanted to lose weight but was feeling de-motivated. The coaching, community and nutrition she received in the 6-week Challenge helped her lose a whopping 8kg!

Kira - VIC - Maidstone

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