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  • Access to an online nutrition portal. The portal is filled with 100s of healthy recipes, meal plans, expert tips and more!
  • Access to an incredible, supportive community of likeminded people.
Coaching Zone provides group personal training for all levels of fitness.
No matter where you’re at on your journey or what your goals are, Coaching Zone can help you become fitter, healthier and happier.

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The birth of Tony’s granddaughter was his turning point. “I realised if I continued to gain weight, I would not be around to see her graduate, celebrate her 21st birthday, or even get married,” says Tony. Since joining Coaching Zone Tony has lost 25kgs. And, more importantly he feels fit and full of energy. “The great thing about Coaching Zone is that although the sessions are not competitive, there's a strong social element and an incentive to push yourself harder than you might in a solo gym session. Thanks to Coaching Zone my life has changed beyond recognition.”

Tony - VIC - Berwick

Julie says “turning 40 was horrible for me. My anxiety was through the roof. I visited naturopaths, doctors, anyone who I thought may have been able to help, but deep down I knew I needed to be in control of myself, and so I walked into Coaching Zone. Slowly my mindset and eating habits changed. I even cut back on alcohol – a hard task being Irish! But I kept on. Changing my life was something I knew I had to do not just for myself, but also my daughter. Nine months later I am loving the results. I’ve lost 15kgs because of Coaching Zone and am liking myself now. I’m stronger, fitter and have met an awesome crew of people.”  

Julie - QLD - Albany Creek

Kira wanted to lose weight but was struggling to find the motivation. The coaching, community atmosphere and nutrition advice she's received since joining Coaching Zone has given her the motivation to stay committed to her goal. She's now 8kg down and getting closer to her goal weight every day. 

Kira - VIC - Maidstone

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