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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Coaching Zone is a fitness program that combines training and coaching. We use the latest technology and techniques in a 45-minute workout, followed by 15 minutes of coaching to review your progress and educate you on a range of lifestyle factors that can accelerate your results.

Our online nutrition support, social events and community atmosphere will make your journey to the new you fun and rewarding.

The Coaching Zone group personal training sessions cater to all fitness levels including those who are new or coming back to exercise. Our coaches educate members about the correct ways and intensities to train to, and how to achieve a sustainable training routine which is the key to long term results.

A Coaching Zone membership gives you unlimited access to group personal training sessions led by a qualified fitness coach for $49.95 per week with no lock-in contracts.

Many of our members get the start they need with Coaching Zone in our activate class, then progress through our more advanced classes with new found confidence and fitness.  We find our member keep coming back for new friendships they’ve made in class, the support from our coaches and the results they’ve achieved. Coaching Zone is the ultimate training program – no matter what your current fitness level is.

Coaching Zone Workouts

Our History

Our History

Since launching in 2016, Coaching Zone has fast become one of the hottest fitness workouts in the Australian market.  With specialised programming driven through the Coaching Zone Mobile App and Myzone heart rate technology, Coaching Zone has fast become a market leader in assisting Australians enjoy their training and achieve amazing results. Key elements of Coaching Zone training sessions include;

•    Structured 10 minute warm ups prior to each session to help clients move better and minimise the risk of injuries
•    Sessions focused on individuals ‘Effort’ not fitness levels using Myzone heart rate technology, ensuring all participants are on a level playing field during their workouts and can be coached as individuals towards their goals.
•    Our Signature 15 minutes of ‘community coaching’ at the end of each workout, ensuring all participants engage in a cooldown, get given feedback and guidance from their coach post session, to help keep them on track and feeling great about their training!

In less than 2 years Coaching Zone has grown to over 27 locations and continues to grow its venues every month.  Coaching Zone currently partners with Genesis Fitness Clubs, local council leisure and aquatic venues managed by Belgravia Leisure along with locally owned and operated ‘Coaching Zone’ franchise venues.

Coaching Zone is a Franchise business owned by Belgravia Health, a subsidiary of the Belgravia Group, a 100% wholly owned and operated Australian private business group, who have specialised in franchising and management in the health and leisure sector for over 20 years. For further information on the Belgravia Group visit –