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Group personal training combined with nutrition and support

Group personal training combined with nutrition and support

Ease back into fitness or find a new zone that challenges you.
Coaching Zone provides unlimited 45-minute group personal training sessions for the beginner through to the advanced. Each incorporates the latest techniques and MyZone heart rate technology, helping you better your performance time and time again.
With what you do outside of your Coaching Zone sessions being equally as important as the 45-minutes that you spend with us, we finish all Coaching Zone sessions with community coaching. This is your time to get the guidance or support that you may need from our expert coaches to get just that little bit closer to reaching your goals.
Taking our support one step further is our Coaching Zone mobile app. An “in-your-pocket” tool that contains a nutrition portal with hundreds of healthy recipes, a food diary and a shopping list – the perfect partner in helping you take charge in your planning, and ultimately staying on track to success.
Your support network doesn’t end there. Our amazing community of like-minded members empower not only one another but also us. You can experience and be a part of this community through our sessions and social events.
At Coaching Zone, we cater to all fitness levels, including those who are new or coming back to exercise. Our combination of expert coaching, medium-sized group training sessions and heart rate technology ensures that you’re being educated and monitored on the correct ways and intensities to train to, both for your current level of fitness and your goals.

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A Coaching Zone membership gives you unlimited access to Coaching Zone sessions, community coaching and nutrition portal, all for just $49.95 per week with no lock-in contracts. 
It is the support and guidance from the coaches as well as our strong community atmosphere that keeps our members motivated and coming back for more. The end result? Zones are reached and goals are achieved.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Coaching Zone are Australia’s newest group personal training specialists, backed by over 20 years’ market experience.
Our specialised programming and focus on education and support has elevated Coaching Zone into the spotlight. We are a market leader in helping women and men reach their goals, while becoming their fittest, healthiest selves.
Key elements of Coaching Zone training sessions include:

•    Structured 10 minute warm ups prior to each session to help members move better and minimise the risk of injury
•    Sessions focused on members’ individual “effort”, not fitness levels: through using Myzone heart rate technology we can ensure that all members are on a level playing field during their session, and can be coached individually towards their goals
•    Our signature 15 minutes of “community coaching” at the end of each session, ensuring all members engage in a cool down stretch, and have the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from our expert coaches to help keep them on track towards reaching their goals.

Since entering the market, Coaching Zone continues to expand. We now have 30+ locations across Australia and are expecting to double, with many stand-alone locations set to launch – watch this space!
Our current partners include Genesis Health and Fitness Clubs, local council leisure and aquatic venues managed by Belgravia Leisure along with locally owned and operated ‘Coaching Zone’ franchise venues.

Coaching Zone is a franchise business owned by Belgravia Health and Fitness, a subsidiary of the Belgravia Group: a 100 per cent wholly owned and operated Australian private business group who have specialised in franchising and management in the health and leisure sector for over 20 years. For further information on the Belgravia Group visit: