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Blog > November 2019 > Tips to embrace your health and happiness

Tips to embrace your health and happiness

We know how it is when the finish line is in sight, but that doesn’t mean you should completely stop your momentum once the challenge is over. We encourage you to continue to book your three or more sessions next week and the weeks following. Love Afterburn? Get booked in. Prefer Adrenaline more than anything else? Make sure it’s in your calendar. Picking sessions you know and love is a sure fire way to continue your progress.

Focus on your goals
Remember the SMART goals you set and revisited during the challenge? Whether you’ve hit these or made new ones, make sure they’re visible. Write them on the bathroom mirror with a whiteboard marker, place them on your fridge or work desk. Do whatever you need to do to remind yourself why you started and what you’re continuing to work towards.

Healthy food habits
After weeks of being disciplined with your eating, don’t be surprised if you feel like some of your favourite naughty foods again - it’s normal. Allow yourself to enjoy some of these in moderation, and keep up your practice of eating healthy, wholesome foods the majority of the time. Ways to set yourself up for ongoing healthy food habits include:
  • Using the nutrition portal or your diary to plan your meals and snacks for the week ahead
  • Writing and sticking to your shopping list
  • Shopping on a full tummy - you’ll be less likely to add extras into the trolley!
  • Chatting with friends, family or the Coaching Zone community. What’s their current go-to snacks or meals? Hearing others tips and habits is a great way to source inspiration.