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Blog > May 2019 > Tips to improve your training

Tips to improve your training

Want to shape up your training routine? Check out the steps below: 
1. Define your goal
Any good training program will have a clear goal in mind this is because different goals require a different focus, both in training and in nutrition. If you’re unsure on what that looks like, your Coaching Zone Coach is best placed to take into account your nutrition, exercise history, injury status and help you tie it all into one goal.
2. Choose your session type
With a lot of sessions available at Coaching Zone, deciding which one is “right” for your goal can be a little overwhelming for some – this need not be the case. To find the best session for you and your goals, the session needs to follow these guidelines:
  • You can make the session time consistently
  • You enjoy the session and train with a smile on your face
  • You feel great after the session
  • Your muscles, heart and lungs all feel like they’ve been used
  • You come back for more!
Yes, attending a Strong session will help improve your muscle mass, but it will not turn you into a body builder any more than attending Afterburn will turn you into a marathon runner.

Cardio simply refers to our cardiovascular (heart and lungs) getting used or “stressed” – something that can also occur from a Strong session. Likewise, three minutes of cardiovascular movement like step ups will pump up your leg and glute muscles just as much as heavy squats!

So, when you look at your Coaching Zone timetable, it’s important to have a balanced mix of sessions - don’t avoid Endurance for fear of losing muscle, or Strong for fear of getting bulky. We’ve designed our timetable and sessions to complement each other and to help you get to your results faster.
3. Put in the effort
Your MyZone heart rate belt is designed to optimise your results. The Zone matching format is a great way to ensure you’re working within the optimal zones. However, if you ever want to step up your MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) and get the most from your sessions, set yourself a challenge: reach the target Zone as quickly as possible!
4. Focus on recovery
Rehydrate and refuel! Your body cannot make the changes you’re working for without having the necessary fuel to power it. If you miss your calorie/macro target for the day, are dehydrated, over tired, or over stressed you will not get as much out of your session. Be mindful of your overall health and wellbeing, not just the four per cent of the day that you’re working out.