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Blog > May 2019 > How to create positive long-lasting habits

How to create positive long-lasting habits

When starting a new challenge, whether it be a weight loss journey, new fitness regime or food plan, it’s important to consider the best way to get a result that’s not only safe for you and your body but also long lasting.

Many current studies suggest that habits can now take almost twice as long to create than previously thought due to the sheer volume of instant gratification within our lives. Take social media content on “life changing results” for instance. This type of content can cause us to lose faith in our new journey early into the process and instead seek out a “quick fix”.

With “quick fixes” being dangled in front of us and seemingly at our very finger tips, what’s the solution?

Avoid “quick fixes”. Try these three tips for creating amazing, long term, results:

1. Don’t punish yourself: At Coaching Zone it’s not about restricting yourself, giving up the things you love or punishing yourself for not turning up to a session. Instead, our focus is on making small changes that will help in establishing a positive routine that you’re guaranteed to stick to. 

2. Don’t seek out fast results: Set yourself both short-term and long-term goals to steady your focus. If you’re unsure on what each of these goals should or could look like, our qualified coaches are there for our valued members at any time. Reach out and book into a one-on-one consultation session.
3. Build your support team: As with anything in life, we need not embark on this journey alone. Our willpower is not always unbreakable; our spirit and emotions can rise and fall and we’re going to have tough days.Know that your challenge isn’t only for you! You have friends and loved ones around you that can help and want to help. They can assist in keeping you on track with attending your sessions, eating well and avoiding temptations. Most notably, they can share in your success. Begin by identifying your team. Tell them what you’re doing, why it’s important to you and most importantly, how they can help.