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Blog > January 2020 > Will shares how the 6-Week Challenge changed his life

Will shares how the 6-Week Challenge changed his life

Will’s defining moment was seeing a happy snap of himself, taken during a well enjoyed holiday. This snap, captured when he was over 100 kilos is defined by him as his “before shot.” It was the point of realisation that he needed to make a change. Fast.  

“When I got home from my holiday, I heard an ad on the radio for the Coaching Zone 6-Week Challenge and I said “This is what I need,” and so I signed up.  

The first session was a real buster. My body was saying to me “What are you doing?” All those muscles I didn’t realise I had were screaming. 

Since that first session I’ve continued on and am already looking forward to the next 6-Week Challenge. My body now says “Don’t stop!” 

I love working out in Coaching Zone with likeminded people. We all have our goals and reasons. Some are gym junkies and can’t get enough, some determined to make a change and a difference. 

Coaching Zone provides the group motivation and encouragement to push the limits. It’s hard work and fun at the same time.  

I’m so happy with my new 90 kilo frame and am determined to keep my health for as long as I can.” 

Make 2020 your year of change. Join the 6-Week Challenge today.