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Blog > January 2020 > Kitty shares how the 6-Week Challenge changed her life

Kitty shares how the 6-Week Challenge changed her life

Kitty joined Coaching Zone with one primary goal: to lose weight. “Whatever it costs, just lose it” was Kitty’s mindset. Since completing the 6-Week Challenge Kitty can honestly say “Weight loss is no longer the focus. It’s simply a bonus that accompanies this new, lifestyle change.” 

In Kitty’s words: “Here I am, proud to say that I initially wanted to lose something I didn’t like about myself, only to end up gaining more to love about the new me. I went from a sedentary lifestyle of isolating myself to my room, fear of public spaces, social anxiety and feeling sorry for myself to working out 3-4 times a week, putting myself out there, making friends and being the hero of my own story.  

The 6-Week Challenge pushed me to lose 35 centimetres, nine kilos and two dress sizes. I used to feel paranoid going to bed, almost like I was on the verge of war with myself. Now I find myself falling asleep straight away and waking up feeling well rested.  

The loss was amazing to see, but the best thing that happened was finally being able to look in the mirror and see myself smiling. This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.” 

Make 2020 your year of change. Join the 6-Week Challenge today.