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Blog > January 2019 > How to nail your goals

How to nail your goals

Step 1: Goal set

Do you have a clear goal in mind? Use your support team (coaches, family and friends) as your sound board in defining your goal and the steps you need to take to achieve it, including the approximate time frame to get there – the 6-week Challenge is perfect for this as the structure (six weeks) gives you something clearly defined to work towards.

Step 2: Create your training routine

With your goal in mind it’s time to set aside time each week for you. Plan your week around your Coaching Zone sessions so you know when and what you’re doing each day. When there’s a clear goal, increasing the amount of weekly training sessions is usually on most people’s agenda.

Step 3: Nail your Nutrition

How often have you thought “I know I need to eat better and cut out some of the bad habits that I’ve formed over the past year?” Chances are many times. The difference is, this time you’re going to do it. You’re motivated to do this.

You’ve planned your goal;
Step 1, it’s now sitting at the edge of your awareness, always helping you to get out of bed and make it to your Coaching Zone sessions.

Step 2 also comes easier as you’re part of the Coaching Zone Crew - an awesome community, helping keep you motivated and supported in reaching your goals. Whether it be a fellow member or your coach, we’re all in this together.

Step 3, nailing your nutrition, is the tougher part where we can at times miss the opportunity to get the BEST results, in the shortest and safest time possible. So, let’s use that motivation and clear focus of yours to nail nutrition.