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Blog > February 2019 > 5 Steps to Creating Healthier Habits

5 Steps to Creating Healthier Habits

1. Make it simple:

The first step in creating your new habits is to determine what your end-goal is. What do you ultimately want to achieve? Once you’ve identified this, ask yourself “what’s the easiest and most fun thing I can do to take a step towards my goal?” Whatever it is, do it, repeat it and nail it.  

2. Add the next simple step:

The ‘Slight Edge’ theory suggests that completing small things every day will get you the most success in the long run. What this means is, if you’ve successfully introduced one simple task into your routine, now introduce the next easiest or most fun option that will help you get closer to your end-goal. And like step one, do it, repeat it, nail it.

3. Look back and be proud:

It’s easy to get caught up in the journey. Take a moment to stop and reflect on how far you’ve come. You’ve created new healthy habits. Be proud of this.

4. Don’t punish yourself:

If you miss a day, don’t let yourself miss another. Get back on the horse and go again. Everyone has bad days, accept that and forgive yourself. The key is to work towards the majority of your days being healthy.

5. Complete the loop:

To complete the habit loop there needs to be a reward. This can come in the form of praise from a loved one, a proud coach giving you a high five, or a small gift to yourself, like a pair of running shoes to celebrate your success. Whatever it is, make sure it is specific to your end-goal in a positive way.