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Blog > August 2020 > Progressing your Workouts to Achieve your Goals

Progressing your Workouts to Achieve your Goals

One of the best ways to get results is to follow a progressive program! 

So, what is a progressive workout program? A progressive workout is when you incrementally increase the frequency or difficulty of your workout each week, to gradually build your fitness, strength or exercise performance!

In other terms, this means that each week or each session, you will actively add in or do something slightly more challenging than what you did in last weeks workout session.

So, why aim to complete progressive workouts? Progressive workouts challenge your body and mind and encourage your body to change and develop! 

And, the best thing is progressive workouts are relevant no matter what type of exercise you enjoy or what your fitness goal is! Whether you're a cardio, weights or group fitness person, or whether your goal is weight loss, strength training or performance - a progressive program will benefit you! 


Building your cardio fitness can be very rewarding. Some ways to increase your cardio ability include:

  • Extend your time exercising – For instance, if you walk, run or swim for 30 minutes, try adding 10-15 minutes to your session the next week, increasing the time you exercise to 40 or 45 minutes.
  • Increase the number of days you exercise – you might complete three walks a week, try doing four the next week.
  • Add in new terrains – Attempt adding in some hills or slopes to your path each week to increase the intensity or difficulty of your cardio session.
  • Progressing from walking to jogging or running – You might not think you cannot run but try adding five-minute jogs intervals throughout to your daily walk. Then progressively increase your jogging time each week until you find yourself ready to run the full course of your session! 


Weights and strength

Progressing your strength can be done each week by gradually building your ability to complete more sets or lift more weight.

  • Increase your sets or reps – Try increasing the number of repetitions or sets in your current weight routine. If you are currently doing two sets of 10 bicep curls, you might like to try doing three sets the next week. Or, if you normally complete 10 push-ups, you might try 15 the following week.
  • Increase your amount of weight – For instance, if you are currently lifting four-kilo dumbbells, try switching to five-kilo dumbbells the next week. 


Group Fitness Classes 

You can also progress your workouts in the group fitness space. See some tips below to progress your fitness and health in a class-based fitness activity.

  • Try a longer class - Instead of joining a 30-minute class, select a 45-minute class.
  • Increase the number of classes you do in a week - If you’re participating in two fitness classes, try moving to three a week and so on.
  • Participate in a different type of class - A way to challenge your fitness is to do a new class that works different types of muscles and different areas of your body.

Check out one of Home Fitness Networks recommended HIIT progressive workouts below.

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Other tips 

  • Set some progressive goals with your work out buddies – Write down your team goals with your partner, friends or family and work towards the progressive goal together. 
  • Track your progress – Place a checklist or goal calendar in your room or kitchen and tick off your progression each week
  • Celebrate your progression – Give yourself a massive pat on the back for working towards your goals and improving your health and fitness!  

 *Please remember to stay safe and exercise within your local state Government COVID-19 laws. If you believe you have an underlying health issue present, please seek individualised expert advice from a health professional before completing physical activities.


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