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Blog > August 2019 > Four tips to boost your training

Four tips to boost your training

Through a little preperation, we can get the mind and body set up before a workout, allowing us to put in an extra 10 per cent effort each and every time. To get started with your preperation, try these four tips.

One: Prepare your mind to train hard
  • Listen to your favourite song on the way to your Coaching Zone session
  • Watch a motivational clip that allows you to focus your attention toward your workout
  • Eat or take your favourite pre workout meal or snack
  • Get your mind focused and boost your energy levels with a cup of coffee.
Two: Prepare your body for success
  • Always warm up! Arrive to your Coaching Zone session with plenty of time to spare so you can make the post of your warm up time
  • Remember the focus of a warm up: Get the muscles and mind ready, and heartrate elevated
  • Don’t rush your warm up. Be present and mindful of what you’re about to do.
Three: Prepare for the next session
Use a diary post session to reflect on your workout and what changes you can make to ensure continuous improvement. When reflecting consider:
  • How did you feel during your session? Rate it 1-10, with one being easiest and 10 hardest
  • How does your body feel afterward? Both immediately and 24-48 hours after
  • What could you do differently next time? If you feel you could have done more, what could you do next time to up the intensity?
Four: Prepare to fuel your body post-training
Each and every workout breaks down our muscles, requiring more protein to rebuild them. As they get bigger and stronger, you’ll still need protein post workout to help with your recovery. The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommend within two hours of your workout being the ideal window for consumption. Check the nutrition portal for some protein-based snacks and ideas.
Now you’re armed with tips and tricks to help you succeed in the challenge, it’s time to put them into action by planning your week. Book in for your sessions, check out the nutrition portal for some post workout snack ideas and create a playlist of songs to help get you ready to put in that extra 10 per cent you need to kick your goals.