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Fuel your Training

We all know the importance of eating breakfast. But, for those of us who like to complete our Coaching Zone sessions first thing of a morning, there’s the battle of balancing training on a full belly.
To help you avoid taking on a session (like Afterburn) that leaves both your belly as well as your muscles feeling the burn, we’ve compiled three tips to help fuel your workouts – also ideal for those who are wanting to shake up their breakfast routine.

1. Start light
It’s generally advisable to eat some form of food 30-40 minutes before you train to get the most benefit. However, if you’re an early bird, getting up at 4 am to cook breakfast before your 5am Coaching Zone session is not ideal, adding extra stress to your day.
Instead, try having a big glass of water, some nuts or a boiled egg before you leave home and save your full breakfast for afterwards. Not only will you be able to exercise with much more intensity, you won’t risk feeling over full.
2. Monitor your intake
Getting your family on board with a healthier start to the day can be tough, especially if you have young children. As Coaching Zone National Fitness Manager, Sam Merza says “I often find plenty of leftover breakfast on the table, and with me not wanting it to go to waste, needless to say it gets eaten. The problem with this is I’m not factoring it into my daily calories, nor is it generally the healthiest choice for me.”
If you’re like Sam, the easiest fix is to place any leftovers in a container that goes to day care with your child, or is served up as breakfast the next day. This will ensure you’re having your breakfast only – try to opt for a good serving of proteins, fats and some carbs here, as when combined, they are a great way to start the day.
If you’re stuck for inspiration, see the Coaching Zone Nutrition Portal (available on the Coaching Zone app) for some healthy and delicious options.
3. Switch up your carb intake:
Do you have bread, smoothies or cereal for breakfast? Are you not seeing the results you want? Try switching things up by having a breakfast that’s solely protein and fat based. This approach can lengthen the amount of time your body doesn’t have carbs (all night and into the morning) which can help rest several overworked systems. For more on this and finding the best approach for you, ask your coach for some advice.