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The Coaching Zone difference

The team behind Coaching Zone will support franchisees throughout all aspects of the business, allowing for more time to focus on what’s really important: motivating coaches and members by creating a fantastic atmosphere and community! Our head office holds a large close-knit team of staff and will serve as the backbone to all franchisees’ success. Essentially, the Coaching Zone Head Office Team have all the back-end covered! From internal finance, insurance and marketing to preferred suppliers – our team does all the hard work so you can focus on growing your business and keeping your members happy!

Coaching Zone wants to see franchisees grow and make strides in their personal life. It is encouraged that as a franchisee you own more than one site once the first location is up and running seamlessly – if a neighbouring region is up for grabs, Coaching Zone will inform the relevant business partners before it goes on the market! Franchisees can be awarded exclusive territories and unlike our fitness neighbours, our territories are large and determined by relevant data and survey results.

Coaching Zone is a product of Belgravia Health and Fitness – an established health and fitness brand boasting expertise, finesse and in-depth knowledge across all aspects of the business. Consisting of several renowned businesses including Genesis Health and Fitness and Ninja Parc – the group are leaders of the pack. You’ll be joining a highly regarded network that has the ability to expand and will continue to grow!

The Coaching Zone Network is made up of highly trained professionals, with 20 years industry experience and knowledge. We’re here to help you along your franchising journey, ensuring systems are in operation and functioning to full capability so you and your members can benefit from your hard work.

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